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This site is made up of martial arts and self-defense/survival supplies and the fifth retail site of Ryukyu Books and Periodicals, Inc. Due to a great deal of bad luck and deaths, Ryukyu Books and Periodicals, Inc. has been off the web for quite some time. We hope that by “joining” with our sister company, we can get back in the good graces of the many customers we had a decade ago. We hope that we have adequate shipping staff and IT people to make it function smoothly. We do still have, in our opinion, the purchasing agent with the most martial arts book knowledge in the business still on staff to handle any technical martial arts book questions.

We hope to entice our old customers back with our fine selection of real martial arts books. We have a few old “classic” novels, but we glean out books that are not truly martial arts books. Just because it mentions: 1) Black belt 2) a Martial Art 3) has a martial arts hero or 4) the good guy/bad guy utilize the martial arts; does not make it a “Martial Arts Book”. We use discretion in historical books to decide if we should carry it. The buyer reads many of these books to decide if we should carry it and in which categories it should go. We carry some books that are tangential to the martial arts. If you don’t like the book you buy, check our return policy.

As anyone who knows about books, nothing is ever finished. Our site is constantly being updated with new books, out of print books removed, changes in prices and all the many other things that go into a book store. If you are in the Kansas City area, our shop is located in Merriam, Kansas, just 15 minutes from Downtown Kansas City, Missouri. The one thing that is never guaranteed is that the current price on the website is always “current.” If you buy a book and the price is different than the website, we will refund your money, all of it, and offer our apology.

As far as any website, Ryuky Martial Arts and Self Defense Supplies will be adding it’s “hello” as the site matures because it has never been online before, unlike Ryukyu Books and Periodicals, Inc.

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